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The Institute was founded prim. Zagorka Berović (1965), in which she was the first director (1965-1977), the name of the Institute for rheumatism. Dr Berović is equipped Office and elected its first associates (Dr. Julian Nikolić * Dr. Milica Budimir * Dr. Ljubica Lopičić, prim. Dragan Bozovic, prim. Dr. Angelina Kićevac. Dr. Ivan Stojanović, prim. Stevan Pujević, Dušan vukotić * prim. Branislav Maksimovic, Vlastimir Mladenovic *). Department had several departments: rheumatology (Leader: Dr. Julian Nikolic), Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Dr. Dragan Bozovic), ENT (DR Borivoje Vucicevic), lab (Dr. John Kačák), Radiology (Dr Angelina Kićevac-Miljkovic) and consultative service (gynecologists, orthopedists and neurologists). Department had 125 beds and about 60 employees, of which 20 physicians (10 internists-rheumatologists, physiatrists 2, one cardiologist, one otolaryngologist, radiologist 1 and 5 departmental physicians), 10 nurses, 23 nurses, six laboratory technicians and 27 physiotherapists.

Department in 1966. Was named the Rheumatology Institute SR Serbia, and in 1988., The Institute of Rheumatology. After Dr. Berović Director of the Institute were: prof. Dr. Julian Nikolic (1977-1985), prof. Vlastimir Mladenovic (1985-1993), prof. Dr. Nada Pilipović (1993-2001), prim. Vladimir Mirčetić, Research Fellow (2001-2004) and now prof. Dr. Damjanov (August 2004 -.

Upgrade one floor Institut had a capacity of about 300 beds (maximum of 375 in 1973.), And at the time was the largest institution of its kind in Europe and one in Yugoslavia. In the former Yugoslavia, the Institute has been a leading rheumatological center, long the seat of Rheumatology Association of Yugoslavia (1964-1980 and 1986-1988) and the Rheumatology Section SLD (1961-1980 and 1982-1996) and the National Expert Commission for rheumatism, and rheumatic fever (1974 – 1991) and was a reference center for the rheumatism of the Republic of Serbia. The Institute is especially concerned with the study of systemic connective tissue diseases and osteoporosis.

Since 1980., The Institute’s Teaching Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in rheumatology. The first teacher and head of the teaching was prof. Dr. Joseph Konecni.

The Institute now has around 280 employees, of which 49 doctors (32 internist-rheumatologists, physiatrists 9, 3 Microbiology, 1 radiologist, 1 Microbiology, 1 specialist in medical biochemistry, 4 of residents, one pediatrician, 70 nurses, 45 physiotherapists, 16 labboratorijskih technicians, 7 X-ray technicians, two pharmacists, and about 115 employees in satellite offices. annually performs about 48000 views in-patient leaflets about 2800 patients.