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About us

Activities of the Institute

The Institute carries out highly specialized, specialized consulting and patient health care in the field of rheumatic diseases.
The Institute carries out educational and research activities and publishing activity for its own purposes, in accordance with the law governing the field of health care and the law governing the field of scientific research.
As part of its activities, the Institute:

1  Follow the health status of the population in the field of rheumatic diseases and has taken and proposes measures for its improvement;
2 Track and implements methods and procedures for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation based on evidence, and in particular identified
professional-methodological and doctrinal protocols;
3 Provides the requirements for continuing professional development of its employees;
4 Implement health programs;
5  Implement measures to prevent unwanted complications and consequences of the provision of health care, and general safety measures for
During his stay at the Institute of citizens and ensure permanent control of implementation of these measures;
6 Organize and implement measures for continuous improvement of the quality of work;
7   Organizes, and provides measures for disposal or destruction of medical waste in accordance with the law;
8 Organizes and conducts scientific research in the field of rheumatic diseases and related diseases and conditions;
9 Organizuje i sprovodi naučnoistraživačku delatnost u oblasti reumatskih bolesti i srodnih obolenja i stanja;
10 Explores and discovers the causes, occurrence and spread of disease or injury, as well as the methods and measures for their prevention, prevention, early
detection and effective and timely treatment and rehabilitation of rheumatic diseases;
11 Conduct research and proposes the introduction of new methods of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of rheumatic diseases;
12  Participates in establishing professional medical and doctrinal positions providing technical and methodological assistance in their implementation;
13 Organize and conduct practical training during their education and training of health workers and associates;
14   Participate in the implementation of the foreign check the quality of work in other health care facilities, and private practice;
15  Implements education, vocational training, specialization and narrow specialization of its health workers and associates of other health
16  Provides pharmaceutical services through hospital pharmacies;
17  Implements acupuncture treatments reumatskuh patients;
18  Implement treatment of patients during working hours (day hospital);
19  Organizes other activities in accordance with the law;

The provision of medical services at secondary and tertiary levels of prevention Institute provides diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative health care services in the following areas of health care, specialty and specialty, including:

1  Internal Medicine;
2 Rheumatology;
3  Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation;
4 X-ray diagnostics;
5  Ultrasound diagnosis;
6 Osteodensitometric diagnosis;
7  Laboratory Diagnostics
8 Pharmaceutical services through hospital pharmacies;
9 Other diagnostic therapeutic and rehabilitative services in accordance with the methods and procedures developed by the Institute.