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Schedule of work

Working in the clinic

Opening hours of the Institute is 07-19 hours. Working in the Department of specialist consultative examinations carried out through specialized clinics in two shifts, the morning and an afternoon.

Examinations are scheduled every day to free medical terms, and at the same time tries to accommodate every patient no longer waiting.

To view you need to have a referral from the treating physician, and patients from the interior must be certified by a referral from the relevant Fund.

Patients who first arrived at the Institute of Rheumatology, in Belgrade and its surroundings are, I can make an appointment by telephone, but must come in person with the instruction to be properly addressed in the review, that would have been taken correctly read data and referral diagnosis by patients often unable to read from their own instructions prlikom telephone answering.

Patients in need of urgent review and have a referral marked “urgent”, can be viewed in the “urgent and II” clinics Institute, who daily perform examinations and admission to hospital.

After a review of outpatient sick leave as needed in lab or x-ray room, and perform additional examinations, including diagnostic surfaced again come to the clinic to a specialist check-up, when an appropriate diagnosis, advises outpatient or inpatient treatment at this or another institution.

All consultative examination at the Institute (physiatrist, EMG, capillaroscopy osteodensitometry, ultrasound), also are scheduled.


schedule doctor for June 2014


schedule physiatrists June-July 2014

Working in Long Term Care

Work in hospital was organized in six hospital wards, to a lesser extent, specialized for certain types of diseases. Within the sixth clinical departments located in the Department of Pediatric Rheumatology.

Admission to hospital is provided by the receiving ward (“Emergency and” ambulance). Patients with indications for admission immediately hospitalized, and in terms of lack of vacancies, shall be the scheduling of hospital treatment using a single waiting list. Criteria forming waiting lists for hospital treatment have been established in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and approved by the Governing Board of the Institute.
Upon admission to inpatient treatment the patient is referred to a hospital ward, depending on the illness and the physician. In the ward next to the internist-rheumatologists working and specialists in physical medicine by nurses and physiotherapists, a child in the department of rheumatology for pediatric rheumatologist, so that the processing and treatment of patients of team character.
Consult other specialists (neurologist, hematologist) are implemented in terms of the necessary indications, or the patient is referred to another clinic, or call a physician consultant to other clinics.